Naturalness and sensuousness are the underlying principles of the San Luis and his spa. Guests can relax and bathe at the barn-sized country spa, which features a great indoor swimming pool with a cozy open fire , a heated outdoor pool and hydromassage in the middle of a lake, saunas, relaxation rooms and steam baths. Also fitness, personalised wellness treatments, massage and makeup. Wellbeing at San Luis sources treatments which blend with the purest raw materials and special synergies, fruit of the nature of South Tyrol. The pleasure of rituals performed to bring out, rediscover and regenerate the force within.


Fire is relaxation. At the San Luis this translates into a dividing element used to symbolically unify the spaces. From the relaxation zones in the central hub, to those at poolside which accommodate it in special stoves on the water, to the terrace. Fire is always there to help gather thoughts, warm the heart, to spread energy and wellbeing.


Dream with your eyes open, swim with the snow-capped peaks reflected in the lake, feel the pleasure of being doubly immersed in nature; in the water and in the outdoors. At the San Luis, all this is possible, thanks to its pool which extends from inside towards the exterior, as far as the jacuzzi in the middle of the lake, to all the spa areas and the personal hot tubs in the chalets.


Walk barefoot, let the wind caress your skin with the scent of musk in your nostrils. Get out of the water of the lake and get into nature. Total forest therapy: a primordial encounter to rediscover your real measure and internal balance, knowing that you are part of a greater balance.


Massages with essential oils, compresses with local herbs, personalised fitness, cosmetic treatments and hair stylist. These are some of the beauty and wellness services which the San Luis makes available to its guests through flexible treats to be used as guests wish.