The San Luis is part of an unspoilt realm, expressing a simplicity of style through the use of natural elements and great attention to detail. Nature is on display here, in energy-rich materials: wood, glass and clay alternate to welcome and protect. Our service, discreet and invaluable, is always ready to hear and respond to the needs of our guests, fully respecting their privacy. This is a retreat in which to listen to yourself. A setting in which to find yourself.
A realm of unique personal attention.

A realm of unique personal attention.

The warmth and seclusion of a private dwelling in a completely self-contained setting, or a stay more open to sharing. Depending on the aim of the holiday and the needs of each individual guest, the San Luis knows which service to recommend and will do so with genuine passion, care and precision.
The Clubhouse

Central hub: The Clubhouse.

The San Luis includes an area where relaxation and energy alternate. The central lobby with reception separates two different wings; one side features the bar and restaurant areas, a small cinema and a large outdoor terrace. On the other side you’ll find zones dedicated to fitness and wellbeing, and the swimming pool, which extends from the interior out towards the lake.


Ancient timber treated in accordance with the Mondholz (moon wood) tradition, which observes lunar cycles in order to maintain its resilience and energy. Wide panoramic windows which let nature into the spaces. Special textiles and naturally-treated linens. At San Luis, craftsmanship speaks through unique pieces, details to experience and savour with the eye.


The San Luis rises a few km from Avelengo/Hafling, surrounded by a 40-hectare protected reserve of alpine park and four hectares of fields sown with orchards, berries and rare spices, all made use of by the hotel kitchen. It is framed by a small lake of 5,800 m² whose waters reflect the peaks of the Texel Group mountains and ancient villages with origins deep in the past.